We can’t help but pile our old clothes and try to discard them especially when most of them don’t fit us anymore. It is such a shame and a waste to just throw them away even though they’re old and worn out. This is because there’s still many ways out there to make use of these clothes. It is very easy to touch them up and make it look brand new. Here are some suggestions:

First, we can make cropped tops from those loose t-shirts or fitted shirts. Just cut up the hem according to your desired length and stretch those fabrics to make them loosen up more. DIY cropped tops or cropped tops themselves are on-trend nowadays. You can just cut some parts of these old clothes for example, at the back, the sleeves or the sides and make them look like those new trendy clothes perfect for summer.

Second, ripped jeans are also one of the hot items these days and I’m sure, most of your worn out jeans can be useful once again. We may lose our interest in our old jeans since they sometimes become faded, tighter or shorter. But no need to throw them out! You can cut those jeans and do some steps to make it look ripped. You can also use them even if became shorter than the usual size. Just fold both of the hem underneath and you can style them with a pair of heels or even a pair of sneaker. It’s a trend nowadays as well.

Lastly, old bags can can be redecorated by using some sequins, studs or ribbons. Just stick it to these bags to give them a new look. Make sure they look trendy, clean and nice. Broken accessories can be revised and reused as well.

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