Can I find a step-by-step DIY here?

Yes, we have our sections where we post our blogs for those easy DIY projects available for everyone. Kindly check out that section and start your own DIY project.

How can I be updated with the fashion trends here in your website?

You can visit our website regularly to see the new updates from time to time but if you don’t have time to check it always, you can create an account so that you will automatically receive updates in your email inbox. Create an account now to regularly receive our latest posts.

Is creating an account necessary for the updates?

No, it really isn’t necessary to create an account just so you’ll be updated. It’s only needed if you can’t visit our website regularly. We suggest that you create one so we can just notify you in your email whenever a new post is live.

What updates can I find about healthy lifestyles?

You can see updates from other bloggers or health nutritionists. We often give some tips for healthy living too such as proper diets, exercises and even meals. You can find them in our lifestyle section just like the DIY section.

Can I be updated about trending and new cosmetics as well?

Yes, you can. We don’t just post about clothes, accessories and fashions but also about makeup and other stuff too. We can give recommendations and suggestions in our website for you.

Do you give descriptions and information about the new items you post?

Yes, whenever we post new products from different brands, we make sure to give descriptions about them too. We review its quality, verify its purported effects or benefits and provide you information on where its available. We can guarantee that you will definitely know facts about these said items before you consider buying them.