About Us

We cannot deny that many people, especially women, love fashion and try to keep up with the latest trends. That said, people follow various fashion icons to know what they like and what’s in style. This is why we were so inspired by Ashley Yeen who is a Malaysian beauty icon and lifestyle blogger. Because of her, we were fascinated to create this website that is dedicated to all things beautiful and fashionable.

However, we want this website to be different. Instead of simply focusing on fashion, we want to emphasize sustainable fashion. We wanted to show that you can be trendy by using your old clothes and fashion accessories and recreating them to be in with the trends. The entire point, of course, is to show that we need to stop bringing old clothes to the landfill as fast fashion is a big culprit of climate change.

Other than that, it’s also our mission to give you DIY tips so we all can share how our old clothes and accessories can be recreated. It is oftentimes a hard decision whether we’ll get rid of them or put them in use once again. I say, make them useful for the second time! These DIYs we provide will surely help you reuse your old and worn-out clothes. It’s also a great way to save up money and avoid buying too many clothes.

We encourage all of you to keep and maintain a healthy lifestyle as well. That’s why we give updates and tips for that in this website. We all know how much these things are important, be it saving up, staying on-trend and keeping a healthy life. Our site is here, to help you with everything connected to fashion and in maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle.